Our learning

Creative People and Places is an action-research programme. We are:

  • testing out new and different approaches to excite people about the arts
  • reflecting on what worked and what didn't
  • capturing lessons to share with others and inform future work

There are local and national evaluations taking place. The 21 projects also share and reflect upon their learning and experiences directly with one another through our peer learning network. You can find out more about evaluation and peer learning here.

In this section, you can access evaluation and learning resources that share lessons from the programme. The resources will build over time as our learning increases.

Persistent Encounter

This think piece by Karen Smith explores the language, relationship and potential impact of Creative People and Places in achieving and measuring social capital and social change.

Shared Decision-Making Toolkit

This practical resource includes examples, tips and tools drawn from Creative People and Places, showing how projects have involved local people in project-level decision-making

Evaluation in Participatory Arts Programmes

This document includes a range of interesting evaluation approaches, models and tools from across the Creative People and Places programme.

Building Partnerships Beyond the Arts: three case studies

A series of case studies by Ecorys exploring how CPP projects are building partnerships with organisations from a range of different sectors.

Engaging Communities in the Arts: five case studies

A series of case studies by Ecorys exploring how CPP projects have been engaging communities with the arts.

Faster but Slower, Slower but Faster

This report by Mark Robinson of Thinking Practice draws out key learning from the Creative People and Places programme up until December 2016.

Talent Development: Case Study

A case study by Ecorys exploring how Super Slow Way is supporting and developing artists working in socially engaged arts practice

Art in Unusual Locations: Case Study

A case study by Ecorys exploring how Creative Black Country worked with pub landlords in Sandwell

Arts for Well Being: Case Study

A case study by Ecorys exploring how bait is using the arts to increase well-being and social energy

People Place Power Conference Report

This report by Mark Robinson of Thinking Practice draws together some of the learning from our People, Place, Power conference in Doncaster in September 2016.

The Role of Voluntary Arts Activity in Creative People and Places

This report written by Robin Simpson of Voluntary Arts builds an overall picture of how CPP projects are working with the voluntary and amateur sectors.

Bell Square: Community Cohesion Research Project

This research by COaST was commissioned by Watermans and the London Borough of Hounslow. It explores the impact of the outdoor arts programme in Hounslow's Bell Square.

Heart of Glass: Your Name Here case study

A case study produced for CultureHive about an interactive public art competition in St Helens

Audience Profiling and Mapping Year 2

A report from The Audience Agency analysing audience data from year two of our national programme

Creative Scene: Six Case Studies

Six case studies from Creative Scene produced for the CultureHive website

Building Relationships with People New to the Arts

Tips and approaches to building relationships with people new to the arts, sourced from across the Creative People and Places network.

bait: Seven Case Studies

Seven case studies from bait, the Creative People and Places project in South East Northumberland

Transported: four evaluation case studies

Four evaluation case studies from Transported, the Creative People and Places project in Boston and South Holland.

Ten Top Tips: Using Stewards at Outdoor Arts Events

Jan Lennox shares her top tips on using stewards to build relationships with audiences at outdoor events

Governance and Consortium Working

This report by Catherine Bunting and Tom Fleming sets out an overview of research into the consortia models of the Creative People and Places programme.

Taking Bearings

A compass-style toolkit to help you navigate a collaborative artistic journey

Place Governance and Partnerships: case study

An Ecorys case study exploring governance and partnerships for LeftCoast

Pop Up Shops Handbook

Transported's practical guide to using empty shops for pop-up art spaces

Promoting Your Participatory Project

A CultureHive case study on The Cultural Spring's integrated publicity campaign

bait's Quality Guidelines

A set of guidelines to help identify quality in projects