More Than a Hundred Stories

We are two artists, interested in how art can animate, challenge and create communities. We’ve been commissioned by Creative People and Places to creatively map and respond to its achievements, the problems it faces, and the questions it has generated.

We are interested in the programme’s ambition to change how art is commissioned and experienced and will be exploring how and to what extent this ambition has been realised across all 21 projects.

We will be posting creative responses to conversations, observations and research throughout the project and will share our final work with you in autumn 2016. Do join us and follow our creative journey on this blog.

You can find out more about our work at: and

Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollett

The Money Bootcamp


On the 19th March 2016 Nicole Mollett attended the ‘Money Bootcamp’ in Ely organised by Market Place and supported by Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy.

I want to make Books exciting as Birthdays!

How To Catch A Confidence


The final outcome of More Than 100 Stories will be a digital collection of work clustered around ten themes. Each theme will have a ‘lead piece’ – a joint piece of work exploring the theme. This month, we have been thinking about confidence, and trying out the idea of a graphic novel/comic strip.

You can see the beginnings of Nicole’s artwork below.

The piece is intended to be playful – imagining confidence as a creature that can be tracked and caught, but not without forethought and skill...


Second Best



I don't suppose you know what it's like, to be second best. Or not even second, but third or fourth – somewhere so far down the line no-one can be bothered to count. I don't suppose you know what it's like to be overlooked. Remember those children's stories about invisibility cloaks? You longed for one, I'm sure. You laughed about how much fun it would be. You never thought how lonely it would feel. You never wondered what would happen if you couldn't take it off. I don't suppose you know how it feels to start each day thinking I can't, to know before you try that nothing will work out. I don't suppose you know what it's like to watch you – with your looks and your money, your glitter and your shine, your easy confidence. They say jealousy comes in shades of green, but this feels more like the heavy velvet blue of a midnight sky.


Sarah Butler

Inspired by conversations with CPP projects about confidence, during my cycling trip across the 'Northern Belt'

Cycling the ‘Northern Belt’ | Monday 14th September: Heart Of Glass, St Helens


My first CPP visit. As soon as I reach the centre of St Helen’s I recognise it from a video on Heart Of Glass’s website about their bugle call commissions. Always strange to have visited a place online before you’ve been there in person, it feels like creating a false memory.

I sit with a cup of tea and aching legs and listen to Kat and Laura talk me through the programme. Struck at once by how vast each CPP project is in its scope, my mind starts fretting at the very idea of trying to represent the stories of the whole programme. But more than that, I am inspired, excited, caught up with the ambition and the scale of what people are setting out to achieve.

Sarah Butler in St Helens