More Than 100 Stories is a commission led by artists Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollet that explores and creatively maps the Creative People and Places programme.

A Manifesto


Over the next year or so, we will be exploring the Creative People and Places programme and finding ways to tell some of its many stories.

Through visits, conversations and observation we will look for key themes which connect the 21 projects together.  Our ambition is to create a digital collection of stories and images which explore and reflect on these themes in an accessible, thought-provoking and engaging way.

Below is our manifesto, outlining our approach to the commission:



by Sarah Butler & Nicole Mollett


1. We will produce an artwork,

which will:

2. Not be boring
3. Not be pretentious
4. Map change
5. Celebrate quality
6. Be honest

We will do this by:

7. Being interested
8. Asking difficult questions and listening to difficult answers
9. Paying attention to complexity
10. Stimulating debate and encouraging dialogue