More Than a Hundred Stories

We are two artists, interested in how art can animate, challenge and create communities. We’ve been commissioned by Creative People and Places to creatively map and respond to its achievements, the problems it faces, and the questions it has generated.

We are interested in the programme’s ambition to change how art is commissioned and experienced and will be exploring how and to what extent this ambition has been realised across all 21 projects.

We will be posting creative responses to conversations, observations and research throughout the project and will share our final work with you in autumn 2016. Do join us and follow our creative journey on this blog.

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Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollett

Cycling the ‘Northern Belt’ | Thursday 17th September: Super Slow Way, Pennine Lancashire


I visit Super Slow Way on the day their website goes live and their first press release goes out. It’s a great contrast to Heart of Glass and LeftCoast who are mid delivery. Here it is all new – a series of new commissions announced, and community partnerships starting to come together. I spend the morning with Programme Manager Katy May, and Chrissie Tiller who is visiting to start talks about a CPD programme across the North West CPP projects. We walk along the canal in the sunshine, then have lunch in Towneley Park (in the midst of a funeral director photo shoot...). We discuss the programme; the plans for CPD; the delicate balancing act of bringing in artists from outside of the area and developing artists and arts organisations based locally; the role of the ‘broker’ – between artist, community, organisation; the nature and importance of instinct. We joke that this doesn’t feel like work, and at the same time note how valuable time out to reflect and explore is.

Cycling the ‘Northern Belt’ | a note


From 14-17th September I cycled from my home in Manchester to Heart of Glass, St. Helens; then LeftCoast, Blackpool and Wyre; and on to Super Slow Way, Pennine Lancashire (I will continue my journey east from Dewsbury to Hull next week). The following posts are some reflections from those visits. I have not included everything I did and everything I saw, but have tried to pull out the themes, ideas and questions that arose during my time with each project. I will be posting some creative responses in the coming weeks. You can also search #morethan100stories on Twitter for more photos and tweets from my journey.