More Than a Hundred Stories

We are two artists, interested in how art can animate, challenge and create communities. We’ve been commissioned by Creative People and Places to creatively map and respond to its achievements, the problems it faces, and the questions it has generated.

We are interested in the programme’s ambition to change how art is commissioned and experienced and will be exploring how and to what extent this ambition has been realised across all 21 projects.

We will be posting creative responses to conversations, observations and research throughout the project and will share our final work with you in autumn 2016. Do join us and follow our creative journey on this blog.

You can find out more about our work at: and

Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollett

Coming Up With Themes


Our intention for More Than A Hundred Stories is to create a digital ‘collection’ of creative work clustered around eight themes. We have put together a list of proposed themes, listed below, and are gathering feedback from CPP staff and partners over the coming weeks.

Cycling the ‘Northern Belt’| Friday 25th September: Roots and Wings, Hull


I am surprised by the landscape approaching Hull – wide, flat expanses; drainage ditches and canals; lines of whirling wind turbines. It feels like  a very different place to those we've cycled through for the previous two weeks. We take a problematic route (egged on by google map's confident blue line) and end up on a tricky footpath by the edge of a wide canal. It is far from easily cyclable. We re-route, delayed, but glad to have seen this extraordinary network of waterways. My companion comments 'this used to be the M1' and we look across the calm, empty water and contemplate what it must have been like in its heyday.