More Than 100 Stories is a commission led by artists Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollet that explores and creatively maps the Creative People and Places programme.

The Mapping Progress


Nicole has been gathering information about all 21 CPP projects to mark onto her big map of England. Here is a close up section of the drawing in progress.

Detail of CPP Map - leftcoast & heart of Glass

Part of 'More Than 100 Stories' final work is to create a map of all the CPP projects, to show how much creativity is taking place across England, and the rich diversity of projects. I have asked the CPP teams questions about their key projects, and for help in selecting visual symbols to represent them.

This is a work in progress, with lots of creative decisions yet to be made. The other side will have a piece of Sarah's Butler's work. We aim to produce something that the various CPP teams can hand out to their audiences, to help them access the wider online work, and understand better what Creative People and Places is.