More Than 100 Stories is a commission led by artists Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollet that explores and creatively maps the Creative People and Places programme.

Smoke Screen


When what you need to do takes time; when what you need to do is almost invisible; when what you need to do is hard to explain, you might need to think big.

Consider a spectacle – huge, beautiful, magical, visible: acrobats and fireworks; drama and dancing; laughter and held breaths; the streets lit gold. Something to hold onto, to point at, to photograph. Something unforgettable.

It can buy you time for the smaller things: a cup of tea with someone who’s never much bothered with art; a three hour meeting to find the right question; time spent listening.

It can make the space for you to weave this slow, delicate web of connections, intentions, desires, compromise, ambition.


Inspired by conversations at CPP’s June conference in Stoke about the need for the programme to be visible as well as the need and value of small, consistent interventions and connections.