More Than 100 Stories is a commission led by artists Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollet that explores and creatively maps the Creative People and Places programme.

What would you say if the Arts Council wasn't listening?


She had never been much good at speaking her mind.

It’s because you’re a woman, her friend Marge said – we’re trained to please.

It’s because you care about other people, her friend Sally said – you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, I think that’s nice.

You need to get better at it, her friend Helen said – else you’ll spend your whole life compromising.

She didn’t tell any of them about the planes – how she’d drive out after work sometimes, park under the oak tree, climb over the locked gate and walk into the furrowed field, so she could stand right below the path of the planes as they lifted their huge bulks into the sky.

She didn’t tell them how the roar of the engines drowned out everything, so that even she couldn’t hear herself shouting what she really wanted to say.



A new piece of writing by Sarah Butler responding to Project Bait's (South East Northumberland) answer to the question: What question/s do you think we should be asking in order to find out about Creative People and Places?