This is an Informal area where delegates and speakers can:

  • Continue with discussions emerging from sessions
  • Programme in workshops/presentations/discussions/debates that you feel may be missing from the overall conference programme
  • Have informal chats and enjoy a drink at the bar

The Slade Rooms foyer is a bar area, with a lowered area including seats and a grand piano, and a ground floor area with roundtable seating for 20+ people. Flipcharts, pens and paper will be available.

If you would like to pre-book a slot, please note it on this sheet here. This will be published in advance of the conference. If you would like to run an impromptu session, there will be a large notice board in the foyer of the Light House where you can advertise your session. This will also be promoted on the twitter hashtag #peopleplacepower during the event, and sessions will be announced during the Cinema 1 main stage programme.

Please note this is an informal space, not organised by the CPP conference organisers. We will simply provide the means for you to convene sessions/discussions and advertise them.

This is an open area, no rules, all we ask is that you document outcomes of discussions on the sheets provided in the space.


Photo (c) Clare Danek