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Gerard Norton


I was passing on the street and saw this arts project in a shop. I just went in one day and said, can I join in with this group? and they said yes, and it just went from there really. I’m not an arts kind of person, but I have tried a lot of different things. What I’ve done here’s been really good. I made a model of Subway out of cardboard boxes – we were all making local shops on the street – that was good.  And I did a photography project. I was asked to take part and I just went for it really. The photographer took loads of photos of me and there was some writing too – I put what I thought about Sittingbourne. All the photos were in an exhibition in the shop. 

I hope the project still goes on for a long time, because I like it very much. It’s something to do. It’s had a big influence on me and on the town. The best thing’s been meeting new people.

Photo: Stephen King