Animation: Journey to a Creative Place

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By and With

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trans – through
parere – appear

Let the light shine through
so we can see
that would otherwise be hidden

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Third Eye

How to make a decision

Gather together everyone involved.

Have them leave their egos at the door and sit around the table, which must be circular, so there is no top and no bottom.

Note that you may need to break down some hierarchies. Do so with care and respect; ensure there are no leftovers.

Place your tools in the centre – they are for everyone to use: diplomacy; determination; dialogue. Your fellow makers will have their own to share.

Remember that not everyone speaks the same language – you may need translators, or at least more openness and patience than usual.

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Ten years from now?

He doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t blink,

We’ll be running this ourselves.

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The Influencer

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Arriving at a decision

We do not have a map. It has started to snow, and we have lost sight of everything we know. The ground is turning soft beneath our feet.

Panic not. We will not walk into this whiteness forever. We will arrive – though we are unsure of how or when – and when we arrive the ground will be solid once more and the landscape understandable again.

For now, we must simply put one foot in front of the other, deal with whatever we find along the way.

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