Killer Stories

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Explaining Art

I don't want to tell you what it is, or what it will be like. I don't want to explain, because that might ruin everything. Once I put it into words, it will slip from my grasp – I know that; I have tried before.  I will say: theatre, performance, art, story, moving, beautiful, and on their way from me to you each word will twist and crumble and break apart. So why come? Why risk your time and energy and hard-earned cash? I can only say: trust me, please. I can only say: you'll love it, it might change your life. They are not the right words.

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What is Art?

words: CPP project participants, artists and staff | sound: Karen Lauke

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Confidence in Books

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An Impossible Glossary

a list of practical, problematic terms – used within the Creative People and Places programme – and their contradictory, shifting, uncertain meanings


  • The thing that must be done, measured, reported upon



  • Something to be argued about [see QUALITY]
  • A matter of class
  • From a Latin base, meaning 'put together, join, fit'. Its first definition in the OED is 'Skill as the result of knowledge and practice'. It is not until the third definition that we get a mention of the 'application of skill according to aesthetic principles'



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If you say a word too many times, it can start to pale; lose its edges; sound wrong inside of your mouth.

for the community
by the community
with the community
from the community

It can buckle under the weight of your attention, shedding its nuances to keep itself strong.


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An attempt to sum up

something about time
something about listening
something about stepping away

something about being quiet
something about being careful
something about patience

something about being invited in
something about making suggestions
something about taking the lids off people’s heads

something about honesty
something about bravery
something about starting again each time


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Art Speak Machine

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