Scene: A run-down high street in a medium-sized, UK town: charity shops and discount stories, a recently opened cafe, and another recently closed. The sun is shining. Our attention is focused on an open door with a hand-painted sign above, which reads: Art Space, Everyone Welcome. There is a fence across the doorway, low enough to step over. The space inside is too dark to make out. A man in his 60s approaches. He walks slowly, using a stick, his shoulders a little hunched. A woman in her 20s appears in the doorway.

Woman: Welcome!

Man: [continues walking with his head down]

Woman: Everyone's welcome!

Man: [hesitates, looks at the door, shakes his head and continues]

Woman: Please?

Man: [stops, he is past the door now, but looking back]

Woman: Why don't you come inside?

Man: There's a fence.

Woman: [frowns and looks down] Where? Oh, that? I forget it's there, it's so low.

Man: [leans on his stick. Reads:] 'Art Space, Everyone Welcome'. What will happen if I get over?

Woman: Over? You mean inside? Well, anything! That's the wonder of it.

Man: Anything.

Woman: Shall I take your hand?

Man: It's dark in there, I can't see anything.

Woman: If you take my hand you won't fall.

Man: [takes a step towards the door]

Woman: And if you do, then I'll pick you right back up again.

Man: Why should I believe that?

Woman: [hesitates] Because I need you to. No, not that – because I believe in you, that's why. I believe in you.

Man: Is that the way it works then?

Woman: [holds out hand]

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